Why Policies and Procedures?

Policies reflect the "rules" governing the implementation of public processes.

Procedures represent an implementation of policy and should evolve over time as new tools emerge, new processes are designed, and the risks associated with an area changes in response to internal or external environmental changes.

Our Facility Procedures

  • Provide a written documentation of a departments responsibilities and duties in a consistent manner
  • Describe the critical steps undertaken to achieve public policies and state statutes
  • Provide hyperlinks to policy and state statutes when references are used in procedure manuals
  • Are succinct, factual and to the point
  • Are typically expressed using lists and bullets
  • Establish a sense of ownership among procedure users due to their involvement with development
  • Are understandable.  The are written so that what needs to be done can be easily followed by all users
  • provide reference and sample forms when forms are controlled by others
  • Provide department forms and templates in Work, Excel, and other standard software for consistency and ease of use
  • Can provide detailed documentation of actions in a responsibility matrix for each identified TASK

Our Procedure Experience

  • Professional Service Guides
  • Design Standards
  • Project Manager's Procedure Manual
  • Facilities and Construction Department Procedural Recommendations
  • Facilities Planning and Construction Department Procedures Manual
  • Facilities Planning and Maintenance Department Management Study
  • Maintenance Department Procedures Manual
  • School Plant Operator's Handbook
  • Facilities Guide for New School Board Members and Superintendents

Educational and Private Clients

  • Florida A&M University
  • School District of Collier County, Florida
  • School District of Indian River County, Florida
  • School District of Lake County, Florida
  • School District of Martin County, Florida
  • School District of Osceola County, Florida
  • School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
  • School District of Sarasota County, Florida
  • School District of St. Lucie County, Florida
  • BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc.
  • ZHA Incorporated
  • CJW & Associates