Firm Profile

Osterhaus & Associates, LLC is a specialty consulting and owner's representative firm serving the public sector nationwide. We provide support to facility departments responsible for planning, design, construction, and maintenance.

Our services revolve around the operational analysis of departments and developing the tools necessary to perform day-to-day tasks, assignments, and responsibilities. Thes services range from an operational assessment and the development of procedures and standards manuals to the assessment of guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposals.

We customize our approach to each assigned project, drawing upon our depth of expertise, and if needed, our strategic alliance with companies that encompass a wide variety of disciplines. This approach enables us to provide our clients with the best team available to meet their needs.

In summary, we provide the manpower to perform the diversity of services typically found on a facility manager's "to-do list." From our broad background and years of facility-related management experience, we have the ability to evaluate facility operations or become an extension of staff.

We were established in 2007, and our office is located in Winter Park, Florida.

Philosophy & Objectives

Osterhaus & Associates believes that its clients should expect advice founded in sound public facility-related insight augmented by hands-on experience. Having 'walked' in the client's shoes provides a perspective unavailable from others' purely theoretical viewpoint. Osterhaus & Associates believes:

  • There are not shortcuts to excellence
  • In the highest standards of professional practices and ethics
  • In providing independent and objective advice
  • Our products improve a client's performance by helping them make better decisions

Our primary objective is to continue to build client relationships based upon our products and services. The success of this objective is based on our ability to provide:   

  • Timely personalized service tailored to the specific needs of our clients at a sensible cost
  • Total commitment to our customer's needs and requirements
  • Quality and total satisfaction for our services
  • A commitment to build a friendly and personable relationship with our clients


While providing a broad list of services to fulfill our clients To-Do Lists, the majority revolves around the following two services:

  • Writing departmental procedures and standards related to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of educational facilities.
  • Analyzing Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) proposals and contracts for construction management and design-build construction methods.    

In addition to the above, we also provide the following services to our public clients:   

  • Organization and operational assessments
  • Staff mentoring
  • Staff extension
  • Design guidelines review or development
  • Facility information management
  • Facility equipment inventory
  • RFQ/RFP development
  • Contract review or development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Closeout and warranty analysis
  • Closeout warranty management
  • Post occupancy evaluations